PRP for hair restoration

PRP therapy is a new, revolutionary procedure which consists in the reintroduction into the bloodstream of the operated scalp of platelets prepared from the patient's blood. Platelets contain all human growth factors which help the skin heal quickly and completely. On the treated surface, platelet growth factors induce a rapid increase in the number of cells, stimulating the regeneration of dermal tissue.


Autologous platelet-rich plasma treatment is the most modern treatment in the field of skin and hair regeneration by their own forces, which involves harvesting and concentrating growth factors from one's own blood and reinjecting them after processing into skin tissue, thus stimulating cell repair processes, long-term synthesis of neocollagen and hair growth.


Platelets injected into the treated area break down, and the released growth factors initiate those natural biological mechanisms that contribute to the renewal of skin cells and subcutaneous connective tissue. The hair follicles activate and hair growth begins. Transplanted hair grows faster and becomes thicker.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)