Full profile balance

Non-invasive profile balancing procedure. This therapy is composed of several different procedures, used in a personalized way, to rejuvenate and give a balanced look to the face, especially the profile. It is usually necessary to augment the chin after rhinocorrection and augment the lips to reconstruct the facial geometry. This procedure harmonizes the features of the face. You can also choose to sharpen the jawline with these procedures to provide a more contoured appearance.


Number of sessions: depends on the desired result

Minimum age: 18 years

Duration of the procedure: 30-45 minutes

Anesthesia: Topic and  injectable if necessary

Administration: Needle or Cannula

Duration of the result: 8-12 months

Recommendations: 3 days after sleeping face up; you are not allowed to do cosmetic treatments / massages on the injected area for 2 weeks; you are not allowed to expose yourself to the sun, sauna, solarium 3 days later.

Contraindications: the injected area may bruise and swell immediately after the procedure

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)