Bichectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the total removal of Bichat's ball. This is actually a cluster of adipose tissue located between the deep and superficial muscle planes of each cheek, just below the zygomatic bone (cheekbone).


These clusters of fat are made up of constitution fat and are present in our body regardless of age or body weight, disappearing only in severe cases of malnutrition. The removal of Bichat's fat pad is performed under local anesthesia. A small intraoral incision of 1-3 cm is made near the second upper molars, through which the adipose body of the cheek is extracted, and then the incisions are sutured. The procedure leaves no scars, does not require hospitalization and takes about an hour.


The intervention provides a reduction of cheek volume, making the cheekbones and jawline more prominent. The contour of the face will be clearly improved, the facial expression will gain more harmony and a slimmer look. Bichectomy has become very popular with celebrities for its aesthetic results. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are two of the stars who opted for this intervention with spectacular results.

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